The Top Five Viewed Villains in Anime Heroes Like Light Yagami

Both heroic and villainous characters can be found in anime. Some of these individuals are well-known and adored by their admirers, while others are detested rivals. The five most well-known anime heroes who are viewed as villains by fans will be discussed in this blog post. We’ll look into why some people love these characters so much while others despise them so much. The top five anime heroes that get the villain treatment are listed below.

1. Light Yagami Character – Death Note Anime

Nearly everyone in the world is aware of the anime Death Note due to its fame. Light Yagami kills those he believes are destructive to society in an effort to spread his own brutal brand of justice around the world (roughly speaking). His ego increased exponentially as he added names to Death Note. However, the manner that Light’s plot makes perfect sense for his character, and that he receives the satisfactory conclusion that he merits is what makes him such a memorable lead.

2. Itachi Uchiha Character – Naruto: Shippuden Anime

Itachi Uchiha is regarded as a bad guy during the entirety of Naruto’s tale, just like Eren is. Only the life of Itachi’s younger brother Sasuke was left after directly destroying the whole Uchiha clan.

Naturally, Sasuke develops a bitter hatred for his biological brother as a result of this, and he becomes obsessed with exacting revenge on Itachi.
The grim reality that the entire Uchiha clan had planned a coup in Konoha, however, became clear to Sasuke after defeating his brother. Since Konoha village and Itachi’s brother were in danger, Itachi was compelled to slay his own blood relations.

3. Eren Yeager Character – Attack on Titan Anime

Throughout Attack on Titan’s journey, Eren has planned and arranged an ending for himself. He voluntarily puts himself in the position of an extremist with a plot to genocide humanity to become a common enemy of the whole world.
Eren wanted to be sacrificed at the hands of his old comrades in front of the Marleys, the Eldians outside the island, to make them heroes. Thanks to that, the whole world will see Paradis in a different light and understand that not all Eldians on this island are evil.
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4. Lelouch Lamperouge Character – Code Geass Anime
Lelouch Lamperouge is a character with a traumatic past. At the age of 9, he had to watch his mother, 5th consort Marianne vi Britannia, be killed, and his sister Nunnally Lamperouge was blind and disabled in both legs due to the carelessness of his father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia. Since then, Lelouch harbored a deep grudge against the Empire and the royal family of the Holy Britannia.
After being given Geass and genius wisdom by the CC witch, Lelouch Lamperouge became the leader of the resistance army “Black Knights” under the guise of Zero with the goal of destroying the Britannia Empire.
Although always ready to use all cruel methods to destroy an entire empire, Lelouch is still a noble person and even a hero in some ways.
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5. Saitama Character – One Punch Man Anime
Saitama has, of course, always been one of the strongest characters of the One Punch Man world. However, not everyone is aware of this idiot’s enormous power.
During the registration process to join the hero association, Saitama showed his absolute superiority in the physical exam but was not ranked according to his ability just because he could not do well in the written test.
Also, because he is just an unnamed hero, in many times of sage practice, Saitama was even criticized by the people for the material damage he caused due to his great strength. Even so, Saitama doesn’t care much about those things and just wants to live a normal life.
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