Popular Manga Series With Exceptionally Potent Main Characters

People of all ages frequently love the Japanese comic book style known as manga. There are numerous distinct manga subgenres, yet they always revolve around the same main character. These characters are ideal for stories that need more excitement because they are frequently distinctive, odd, and entertaining. This topic post will look at some of the most popular manga series with outlandish leads that fans can’t stop praising.

1. Mashle

Mashle, a Jump manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Komoto, debuted earlier this year. The plot will be led by Mash, an incompetent young man with incredible muscular power comparable to Saitama and magical world stuff akin to that of Harry Potter.

2. Overlord

Maruyama Kugane wrote the light novel titled Overlord. The work was thereafter well welcomed by Japanese readers and transformed into numerous different forms, including manga and animation.
The audience will be inspired by the adventure of the conquest of Momonga’s universe, which has created an immensely potent empire. It is set in the realm of role-playing games. Overlord will undoubtedly satisfy you with its enormous battles and compelling plot.

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3. Mob Psycho 100

One Punch Man author ONE is responsible for the following entry on this list: Mob Psycho 100. The manga book’s main character is a young man named Mob, and it follows his day-to-day activities. Simply defined, Mob is Saitama with hair and has the strength of Tatsumaki, the second-ranked S-rank hero in the world.

Our Mob is a psychologically ill, shy, and frail young man. He twirls around in commonplace friendships and family ties. His family, friends, and magical ability are all good. The youngster should have felt incredibly fortunate, but instead that “luck” rendered him different from everyone, and it has been challenging for him to lead a normal life ever since. The goal of the entire narrative is to assist the youngster in coming to terms with his differences, accepting them, and assimilating into society to live a normal life.

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4. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

The summer of 2020 will see the release of this anime film. This work, which is an adaptation of author Shu’s light novel of the same name, concentrates on the demon king Arnos, who underwent reincarnation thousands of years later and enrolled at the Demon King Academy. Arnos started to sweep away all the weak and ascend to the top with his imposing strength.

5. Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

This fifth position is comparable to Overlord, right? A popular light book that has been turned into anime and manga. Izayoi Sakamaki, a young man with amazing physical power, will be introduced to the audience in this anime. Izayou starts her “nowhere to go” quest after being called to a weird wonderland.
Izayoi frequently engages in hand-to-hand combat, much like Mashle’s Mash, and always dispatches his opponents with a few punches. This is an anime or manga that you should check out if you enjoy Saitama and One Punch Man. You cannot miss this performance.

6. The Irregular at Magic High School

Mahouka Koukou No Retttousei, an anime series that will soon return in October of this year, will put an end to this list. The book, which is set in a magical universe, recounts the struggles that Shiba Tatsuya and his sister Shiba Miyuki endure while attending school.

The audience is drawn to Mahouka Koukou No Retttousei mostly because of the character Tatsuya, a young student with unusual and potent magical abilities. Each of Tatsuya’s conflicts is strategic and immensely fulfilling since he is a person who is skilled in using his intellect.

Some of our favorite manga include main characters who are so wacky that the fans can’t stop talking about them. These mangas are sure to make an impression on readers, whether it’s because the plot is so imaginative and unique or because the characters are so likable. To view our high-quality products, click here.